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AUREUS+ provides new dimension of IT security  at the level of the Member state up to the level of the European Union. Mainly, through services related to the authentication of products and with the purpose of preventing the illicit trafficking of tobacco products across and to Europe.

AUREUS+ modular systems are contributing to the increase of transparency in business procedures and transactions within the whole supply chain.

Our technologies reveal origin, authenticity and the distribution path of each product that is being tested, in real time.



t&t solution and European legislation background

According to the Directive 40/2014/EU of the European Union, all tobacco products, including cigarettes, are subject to control by tracking system from the very moment the product leaves a manufacturer's site till the point of the last economic operator including retail store.

New European track & trace system, defined by the adopted delegated acts of December 2017, ensures, that all tobacco products introduced to the European market should be traceable via a Unique identifier (UID) placed on each consumer packet. Unique Identifier must include security standards that have at least 5 types of security features applied to each individual unit packet.


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 tracking and tracing solution for UID generation


We provide a full integrated modular solution based on expertise and experience of common collaboration with our partners in the field of the UID issuing. All of the services are fully compliant with the EU TPD regulation based on the structure of the UID and its electronic delivery.

The main advantage of our solution is a full compatibility with the stakeholders industrial and technical environment as well as the real time code generation which allows the smooth running of the end user operations.

Our modular solution is equipped with the invoicing tools, statistic features and forecast components based on the client’s expectations. User friendly interface is one of the core elements of the whole integrated system.


infrastructure of tracking and tracing solution


For a project of European importance, always considering the availability, integrity and security of data, we have developed a state of the art system which provides all of the functionalities required by the legislation free of any interruptions and possible issues.

Core element that secures availability is a first class design of the cluster of servers which is based on the nodes only in high availability regime.

Integrity is based on the very functional combination of technologies, infrastructure and software design. As a matter of confidentiality we have developed a unique workflow with the footprint of our philosophy and DNA. solution


AUREUS+ is the provider of a comprehensive modular solution for generation of unique identifiers, including registration, analytical and invoicing tools.

The fundamental advantage of the solution is its full and complete consistency with the parameters and requirements set out in the TPD and the delegated legal acts as well as the verified compatibility with the market environment. The solution is unique to the European Union market by its nature and technical specifications.

The comprehensive solution, in the form of a ready to use toolkit, is technologically built on an individually configured infrastructure using the high end modern technologies that provide the highest level of data security and integrity, high availability, continuous operation and control.


+ UID generator

The modular platform, is based on a unique identifier generator that meets all the legal requirements set out in the TPD and delegated legal acts. It suits the large-scale production environment and enables the generation of UI in real time demand.


Thus, the modular platform is able to deliver not only the unique identifier required for the tobacco product's consumer packaging, but also the unique identifiers for aggregated level of packages and all economic subjects including retailers.



unique identifier

The unique identifier itself consists of several parts to suit the market and manufacturing environment, which has been verified in several Member States by pilot projects in cooperation between manufacturers and public or state authorities.


Article 15 para. (1) of the TPD requires that all unit packets of tobacco products be identified by a unique identifier. Subsequently, Article 15 para. (2) and (3) sets out the basic parameters of the unique identifier.

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composition of the unique identifier platform is capable of issuing variable length of unique identifiers starting with 24 characters, which guarantees compatibility with valid legislation and the market environment. The length of the UID can vary upon the customer requirements up to 50 characters as stipulated in the delegated acts and TPD.

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additional modules of   AUREUS.digtal



In addition to the Module of the Unique Identifier Generator, Module Management, Registration Module, and Security Module, the provides additional functional modules upon request, such as:



Export and data correlation in the issuance of unique identifiers, providing a comprehensive overview of the production and import information of tobacco products sorted by individual parameters (manufacturer, importer, product, target market, shipping route, etc.). Data and extracted information are clearly displayed in an editable spreadsheets and active charts and diagrams.



The module, which uses the data of the UI issuer and mathematical operations, generates forecasts of revenue developments into the state budget taking into account value added tax and excise duty on tobacco products. Part of this is data export and crisp filterable display in active charts and diagrams.


localized application interface


Part of the solution is also a complex location tool based on the legal terminology of the local legislative environment, considering all the specifics. Our solution always come at least in the national language and English language in default setting.




AUREUS.digtal support

AUREUS+ offers a wide range of support based on the level of the service provision. By offering the software modular solution we are ready to perform the L1, L2 and L3 services in high availability mode running 24/7/365. L1 support is in the national language preferred by the client and English language. The rest of the support services are based on the preference of English language.

Support services are available in SLA 99,5% by telephone, CRM and ticketing system, and email. Support services are provided not only to the client but also to the market participants with specific regard to the instructions, operation and specifics of the environment.


+ infrastructure

Upon client’s request AUREUS+ is fully prepared to offer and provide an environment in which the modular platform can be deployed and operated, considering the basic requirements in the area of high availability, performance and hardware preferences. We are focused on the overall functional architecture, technical and logical structure, HW & storage including the HW and SW inventory. We understand the necessity of high availability and therefore we provide a solution based on modern technology with regard to the geo-disaster recovery aspects.


AUREUS.digtal support


Critical systems naturally require continuous monitoring by a surveillance system that evaluates and records the history of the use of system resources of the infrastructure. At the same time, it analyses the availability of system resources and allows, under the specified rules, to notify the operator of a new situation that could lead to a failure.


Support provides 24x7x365 standby L3 Windows System Administrator in N+1 mode, which is always available within your service window. When a new problem is encountered in the infrastructure recorded by the surveillance system, or when a malfunction is reported by some of the L1 or L2 administrators, the service platform specialists are immediately available and ready to analyze, resolve and remove the malfunction.


Long-term tracking of these data centre and server parameters provides timely information on the need to increase system resources in case of future need and forecast of outages.





AUREUS+ is the only European company that has implemented and maintained a Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and Information Security Management System (ISO 270001) specifically for the scope of “Integrated software solutions for business and public administration bodies, design, implementation and management of ICT systems and for the services of the ID issuer in supplying the generation of the unique identifiers, registering Economic operators and their facilities and machines, maintenance of the Register, interoperability with industrial large-scale production lines and the traceability system with analytics of big data for business and public administration bodies in accordance to EU TPD”.


Company AUREUS+, its representatives and employees has been granted the Security Clearance in the classification level Confidential and Restricted By the National Security Authority in Slovak republic.

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